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Your Thoughts are Powerful

Creative thought paint cloud

Your power begins with your creative thought. Every thought you think has the power to shape your life. The more you focus on a single thought, the more energy you give it. Once you start to give thought energy, you start to believe it and belief is an even more powerful thing. When you believe a thing is true you speak about that belief. The more strongly you believe it, the more frequently you speak about it. The things you believe and speak about will shape the way you live your life. This happens whether you are aware of it or not.

As a child, I remember hearing people say “speak it into existence” when others were testifying in church. Those words resonated with me. They made me feel good but I didn’t understand why. Now I know that things resonate with you because you are on the same frequency. Everything is energy and energy moves on various vibrations, wavelengths or frequencies. When you connect with a certain wavelength you have no choice but to interact with other things on that same wavelength. Although I wasn’t aware of hearing “speak it into existence” before, it resonated with me and I knew those words were true. I knew I could talk about something I desired until it became a real part of my life. I didn’t understand how it happened or why but that didn’t stop me from believing it and it didn’t stop it from being true. I believed that I would have a better life and speaking about the life I wanted would bring me closer to it.

Here is the challenge to you, co-creators. Deliberately choose thoughts that will assist you in manifesting the desires of your heart. Occupy your mind with grand ideas that bring about positive shifts in the way you speak about yourself. Believe in these new ways of being, thinking and creating. As you go about you daily life become more aware of the thought that preceded the word that preceded the belief you’re holding about the actions you are taking. The awareness is where change happens. The awareness is who you really are. It is the first and most crucial step toward consciously creating your life and fulfilling your dreams. Intend to amplify your awareness every day for one week and note any significant differences. I’d love to talk about it!

As always this is my version of reality based on the experiences I’ve had to this point. Please feel free to share yours in the comments below.

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