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It's like watching a movie

couples watching home movie outside at night

Have you ever been in a theater watching a movie, so engrossed in what’s happening on the screen that you forgot where you were? Have you ever found yourself so wrapped up in a movie that you can feel the emotions the actor is portraying? Have you ever been so totally locked into what’s happening on the screen that you forget that these are actors and what you are seeing is not real life? Have you ever been so taken by a film that you’ve not only lost track of time but you have no sense of who is around you or what is happening in the room you are in? I bet you have. I know I have.

North Americans spent $1.42 billion at the box office in 2009 alone! We make going to the movies an experience. We take the kids or a date or a group of friends. We call it a pastime; it’s one of our favorite pastimes! We love movies so much that we buy them; we want to own them so we can enjoy them anytime and anywhere we want. Some of us have huge collections of them that make us feel proud and that maybe, we share with other people. (Or maybe not!) There are entire channels on television devoted to movies, movie networks they are called. Some of the most well paid people in our society, the most well known, the most well loved, the most popular, the most celebrated, the biggest stars are the people who act in movies.

Have you ever wondered why that is? I believe it’s because movies are a microcosm of the experience we are all having that we call life. The act of sitting in a theater and watching a version of reality play out before your eyes to the point that you are totally engrossed in it is practically identical to what we all are doing right now. Stay with me, it’s about to get deep. This thing we call life is nothing more than an incredibly dynamic, all encompassing, movie that we’ve chosen to tune in to. It's a "movie" that we're creating as we go along, most of us, subconsciously. We are so honed in to it that we’ve forgotten we are so much more than this illusion we’ve created to experience ourselves in. We’ve forgotten who we really are!

We are the co-creators of each and every experience we’ve ever had. We are so much bigger than we give ourselves credit for. We are a portion of source energy that is choosing to concentrate our focus acutely and intently on a very specific point in the universe and call that our reality. We are so good at it that it has in fact, become our reality. We have lost all awareness of the rest of our self to the point that it seems we are no longer a part of ourself. We feel apart from the source, but somehow we know we still remain a part of the source. If these words resonate with you it's because on some level, subconsciously perhaps, you know they are true. Although it may seem incomprehensible, this is not completely foreign to you. We are one with the source of all that is. You, along with the most high, have created this illusion of separateness in order to experience the fullness of everything you are. I’ll stop here so you can take it all in but I will expound in future posts.

Does this feel true to you? Have you ever been aware of this before now? Is this the first time you’ve thought of this possibility? As always this is my version of reality based on the experiences I’ve had to this point. Please share your experiences in the comments below.

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