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Signs of Awakening

rays of sunlight break through trees onto a shaded forest path

There is a shift happening on this planet that is unprecedented in its depth. People are waking up to a new way of living that will revitalize the natural eco-system and restore all living beings to a healthier system of co-existing with each other. These changes are happening on various levels of being, but I am most fascinated with the shift in the way human beings are thinking about who they are in relation to what they’ve been told about who they are. Most of us were raised to go along with the cultural and societal norms of the community we were born into. We behaved as our parents behaved and believed what they believed without questioning the underlying intentions of those behaviors.

More and more, people are less willing or less able, to simply go along with the status quo. We are beginning to wake up to the realization that things don’t have to be how they have always been.

Many of us are beginning to experience signs of the awakening in our own lives. The truth is, we have always experienced the signs, we are simply more aware of them now. We are more open to investigating the meaning of the subtle glimpses of truth instead of brushing them off as happenstance, coincidence or serendipity. Some reported signs of the awakening include:

  • Decreased attachment to or desire for material things

  • Inability to do things that go against your personal values

  • Sudden realization of the motives of another in relationship to you

  • Desire to spend more time outdoors especially in naturally beautiful places

  • Increased emotional sensitivity or feelings of love

This is not meant to be an all-inclusive list. Signs of awakening are as varied as the individuals who experience them. Each of us experience the shift in our own ways. Through our collective longing for a better way of life, our elevated desire brings about evidence of the changes we are seeking. Our ability to be open to and aware of these experiences of the truth is exactly what is needed to continue the positive momentum. Once awakened, it’s hard to go back to sleep.

For me, having an A-ha moment of enlightenment is EVERYTHING! I live for the feeling of knowing I’ve tapped into another way of seeing or being that I had not considered before. There have been times that I’ve had other worldly, transcendental, meta-physical experiences but I also have a strong appreciation for more common occurrences like a good ‘ole deja-vu. If we pay attention there are tons of ways we are being made aware of the changes happening right before our eyes.

Share with us your most remarkable experience of awakening to a new level of consciousness. What other signs have you received that point toward positive shifts in our way of living?

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