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Focus on Your Desires

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One thing we human beings have gotten good at is accepting reality. We’ve learned to live in the truth of what exists before us. It is a good thing to accept what is and to live within the reality we’ve created. I believe in the numerous benefits of being fully immersed in the present moment.

However, when it comes to creating the life of our dreams, it is equally important to spend time focusing on our desires. This is especially true if those desires are in any way different from the current reality we are living. For example, let’s say you want to own a home to raise your family in, but right now you live in a cramped one bedroom apartment that is uncomfortable but fits your budget. What most people do is talk about how unhappy they are living in their tiny apartment. When asked, they may say something like; “it’s great living so close to the office but man, my place is so small. The kids don’t have a play space, the kitchen is tight and outdated, I don’t have any space to call my own, privacy is out the window, my wife hates sharing a bathroom, our neighbors are loud, the rent is going up, and it’s just not working for us anymore. I’d love to buy a house but we haven’t been able to save for a down payment.” It wouldn’t be unusual for the average person to have this conversation several times a week with several different people. While all the things being pointed out are true reflections of reality, frequently talking about those things will only cause more of the same circumstances to manifest into his life. The universe is a massive copy machine. It is designed to give us more of what we put into it. It does nothing more than meet us exactly where we are. It knows where we are based on the energy we are putting out or the frequency we are vibrating on.

The universe is non-emotional concerning the direction of our energy, whether our vibration is based on our current reality or on some blissful fantasy we’ve created in a daydream. It is simply responsive to where we are. That is the beauty of the whole process. Napoleon Hill brilliantly said “Whatever the mind can conceive and believe, the mind can achieve.” We should spend considerable time focusing on things that make us happy, makes us smile, make us feel good, lift us up. Think and talk about all of the positive aspects of the things we most desire.

It is counterproductive to focus on the how. Not only is it counterproductive, I have learned that the how is actually none of our business. As a splendid co-creator, my priority is to dream up the grandest vision of the greatest version of my life that I possibly can and focus on it as often as I possibly can. I can’t think, type, or say those words without smiling and feeling uplifted. That is the energy we must put out in order to manifest things on that that vibration.

The universe can only give us more of the same!

Instead of reiterating what is, we should allow our minds to be consumed with the exquisitely delicious details of our most positive desires for ourselves. Even if you don’t agree that this the way it works, what’s the harm in trying it out and seeing what might come of it? These are my thoughts and opinions based on my experiences so far. Please join the discussion below.

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