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Welcome Co-Creators

Pink lotus flower floating on rippled water

Welcome to Awakened Soul, a space to explore the inner workings of your true self with a kindred spirit whose sole purpose is to inspire the discovery of who we really are. This is a space where we will create and expand a collective consciousness that will further awaken humanity to the truth of our power and our purpose.

  • I believe we are divine beings eternally connected to the source of all that is. We are choosing to have this physical experience as human extensions of the divine source of all things. Our connection to Source affords us the ability to co-create this physical reality. In essence, we are co-creators, in cahoots with The Universe, on a mission to experience the fullness of our being on this physical plane.

  • I believe our connection to Source is palpable, and that we long to feel it more deeply and more consistently with each passing day. Our physicality is most obvious, yet we haven’t fully understood its complexity or its necessity.

  • I believe our creative powers are at work constantly, whether we are aware of them or not.

  • I believe our divinity is unquestionable although we certainly have doubts.

It is becoming more and more evident that humanity is in the midst of an awakening unlike any other. My goal is create a positive place where we can come together in collaboration with and in support of the shift in consciousness our planet is currently experiencing. I intend for this blog to be a space for learning, growing, sharing and exploring all those things and more. As I communicate, a number of different terms are used for what one may refer to as God. Source, The Universe, All That Is, Allah, Yahweh, I Am that I Am, The Most High, Love, The Supreme Being, The Is Not Is… are all synonymous with the word God. These or any other titles cannot define the God I know and love. So, in that regard, I will continue to use many words to describe the indescribable force which encompasses all things known and unknown.

If any of this resonates with you in anyway, you are in the right place. I am so grateful to have you here! This is my version of reality based on the experiences I’ve had to this point. Please comment, like, share your feelings and opinions as you see fit. Again, welcome to Awakened Soul co-creators! Let’s discover our true selves and create the world of our dreams!

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